We do NOT sell knives to anyone under the age of 18 years


There’s nothing like a good knife

We keep a great variety of knives in stock at all times, covering a wide range of styles and value. Come in to see our range of fixed-blade and folding knives, multi-tools, butchering kits, machetes and accessories.

Knife range at Mudgee Firearms

Our brands include Buffalo River, Case, Havalon, Leatherman, Old Timer, Outdoor Edge, Puma SGB, SOG, Spika, Uncle Mike’s, Winchester and others.


KR Knives are handmade in Mudgee. Knifemaker Keefe Rice selects only the best steels, timbers and leather for each knife, and each one is as much a work of art as it is a working tool. In most cases, the blades are made from new steel, not scrap steel, and the few occasions when recycled steel is used it is chosen specifically because of the unique qualities generated from its previous life.

We are very proud to be able to offer these world-class knives to the local market. We try to keep a selection in stock, so come and see for yourself why KR Knives have so quickly became sought after.

KR KNIVES 5.5″ HUNTER/SKINNER in 1084 high-carbon steel. Featuring a handle made from antler with a nickel silver guard, this beautiful knife is made for the hunter who also wants a knife that can quickly and efficiently skin game. The blade’s shape is specifically designed to allow that. The leather sheath has been given an intentionally rough finish to cope with hard use in the bush, and it fastens around the handle with a quick-release stud.

Price: $

KR Knives for sale at Mudgee Firearms

KR KNIVES 5.5″ HUNTER in 52100 high-carbon steel. The drop-point blade at this length is arguably the ideal hunter’s knife. And this one is also stunning, with its Damascus steel guard and stabilised redwood burl handle. The pattern in this timber is striking! Heavy-duty leather sheath with stud to fasten around the handle, with colour that complements the redwood handle. An exceptional knife.

Price: $350

KR Knives for sale at Mudgee Firearms

KR KNIVES 6″ HUNTER in 52100 high-carbon steel. The drop-point blade is ideal for hunting, and with a bit of extra length this one’s as good for rabbits as it is for deer and even pigging. Nickel silver guard. The handle is formed from a piece of stabilised ancient redeem that so dark it’s almost black, with subtle red coming through, and the sheath’s heavy-duty leather is almost identical, creating a unique combination.

Price: $350

KR Knives 6" hunting knife in high carbon steel with ancient redeem handle

KR KNIVES in stock: we have a range of KR Knives always coming through the shop, such as the ones shown in these photographs. Come in and see them in the metal.

Price: $295 to $350

KR Knives for sale at Mudgee Firearms


RIDGELINE HUNTER’S KNIFE SET. This five-piece knife roll is a bargain at this price. You get every type of blade you need for hunting and butchering, either in the field or at home. There’s also a sharpener, a sheath for the hunting/gutting knife, and the roll that holds it all. This could be the only knives you’ll ever need!

Price: $59

Butchering hunting life set for sale at Mudgee Firearms


MELITA-K SMERSH-NJSN. Length 228mm, Blade 150mm, Stainless Steel. Very sharp, excellent quality, Comes with leather sheath $245.00

MELITA-K SMERSH-NJSN. Length 300mm, Blade 157mm, Stainless Steel. Very sharp, excellent quality, Comes with leather sheath $345.00